Own It!

Own It! by Dr Paige Williams

There’s an epidemic of underperformance plaguing teams and organisations.

Activity but no progress, meetings with no follow up, confused responsibilities, impossible demands, missed milestones, low morale, poor engagement, talent drain…

What’s the cause?

Issues with accountability.

From broken promises and unrealistic expectations to finger pointing and cultures of avoidance and blame, issues with accountability – and the fear that drives them – are rampant across business, government and NGOs.

If you have people in your team you have issues with accountability.

Own It! is the book for you if…

  • You’ve been let down by a broken promise or expected to do the impossible at work
  • You’re struggling with lack of time, too many commitments and a culture of blame
  • You’re tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with what lies ahead and can’t see a way forward
  • You’re a leader who knows your team could perform better, but isn’t sure what to try next
  • You’re ready to break the mould, feel energized and engaged with your work, proud of your achievements and excited about the future.

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Dr Paige Williams clients

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