4BC Radio Interview: 1 in 5 families are struggling through COVID-19

Paige joins 4BC Radio’s Luke Grant to discuss new research that says that one in five Australian families are struggling to cope during COVID-19, while a third are embracing the opportunity to improve the way their family functions.

Leading Australian family charity Uplifting Australia yesterday launched the first detailed research on how families are functioning during COVID-19.

University of Melbourne academic and Uplifting Australia Board Member, Dr Paige Williams, said the research highlights both the need to support both families under stress due to COVID-19 and those who have become more open to investing in their family’s well being.

“Many Australian families are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home together and, as any parent will tell you, this has come with undeniable stresses and strains. Almost a quarter of Australian families say they are finding it harder to balance work, home and family and for some, COVID-19 has had an overall negative impact on the family dynamic.”

However, 43% of Australian families surveyed say that COVID-19 has caused them to spend more quality time with their families, and 36% that it has actually provided an opportunity for them to work to improve how they function together.

Listen to Paige’s podcast interview here…

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