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Paige would love to talk with you!

A great guest or expert for podcast and radio interview, Dr Paige is alive, smart and witty. Her interviews deliver depth in a way that is accessible and practical. Her background in PR, born in London, means she knows what is required of a guest to serve the show and not just her own agenda. Described as generous and open hearted she packs a powerful message into the tightest schedule.

For written pieces her extensive publishing experience and academic standing provide evidence based, reliable insights a journalist can count on. Her philosophical grounding in systems thinking means she can make connections, joining the dots behind various modalities and perspectives. In short, you could ask her anything around people working better together and she would have something to say and a unique perspective to share.

If you would like to request an interview with Paige for a podcast, article or video, please get in touch.


Heart-led leadership

In this video, Paige chats with about heart-led leadership in navigating disruption and nurturing learning.

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Side-step the confirmation bias trap

Confirmation bias can lead to accidents and safety failings. Yet everyone is susceptible to it, even experts. So what measures can leaders put in place to help navigate the pitfalls?

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Develop Positive Accountability in your Team

In this episode of the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast, Dr Paige Williams shares how accountability has the power to create well-motivated teams who are actively engaged in their work and committed to success.

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IIDM: How to Amplify Accountability

Accountability affects us all. Whether you’re giving or receiving it and whether you need a boost of confidence, motivation or support, this Video Seminar created for International Institute of Directors and Manager (IIDM) will help.

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Entrepreneur to Author: Double your Impact

Writing and publishing a book is something many business owners aspire to do, but few complete. Why? Well, we know that publishing a book can help build authority and tap into new potential clients. But what happens when you add a second book to the mix? A different...

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DR PAIGE WILLIAMS is an author, researcher and PhD in Organisational Behaviour. A trusted advisor and mentor to senior leaders across business, government, education and beyond, she uses a potent blend of neuroscience, psychology and her own twenty-plus years of international business leadership experience to surface uncomfortable truths and help leaders see the rules they need to break in order to breakthrough and lead themselves, their teams, and their organisations to thrive.

The results are dramatic and measurable. An Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Wellbeing Science and an Associate of Melbourne Business School, Paige is known as a leadership and culture expert. The potent combination of real-life leadership experience and deep academic knowledge fuels Paige’s ’superpower’ of translating complex ideas and academic research to make them real, relevant, and relatable to the work that leaders do every day.

Drawing from research in wellbeing, neuroscience, leadership and systems together with her 20+ years of international business leadership experience, Paige helps successful leaders – from emerging high potentials to established CEOs – lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations to thrive in the dynamic, complex, and uncertain environment in which they operate.

Paige has worked with thousands of leaders across business, government, NGOs, and education. The results are dramatic and measurable.

Her first book – Becoming AntiFragile, Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change – was published in 2020 and her latest book Own It! Honouring and Amplifying Accountability explores why accountability is the strategic imperative in the post- COVID economic landscape, and how to get it.

Her work has been featured in a variety of academic and nonacademic journals including Psychology Today, Smart Company, Australian Financial Review and Human Resource Management. She presents her work at conferences internationally and has been interviewed for a variety of media, including national television and radio.

Extraordinary times call for exceptional speakers.​​

dr paige | Keynote Speaker | Leading Exceptionally

Extraordinary times call for exceptional speakers.​