Extraordinary times call for exceptional speakers.

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Extraordinary times call for exceptional speakers.​

Offering practical evidence-based strategies they can immediately apply, Dr Paige Williams combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence-based data, and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner-table conversation.

Whether on a conference stage, in a lecture theatre or board room, Paige leaves people with the confidence and motivation they need to lead themselves, the systems they operate and the people they work with, exceptionally.

Her insights help audiences meet the challenges of our time, including:

  • Building confidence and motivation to lead through uncertainty
  • Disrupting cycles of underperformance and resetting accountability
  • Creating cultures that support creativity, innovation, and learning
  • Breaking down silos, surfacing dysfunctional dynamics and rebuilding trust
  • Successfully leading millennial generations in the workplace

An organizational psychologist and Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Paige is a world leader in positive psychology and worked with Professor Martin Seligman to implement the first full-scale positive psychology initiative in Australia.

The author of five books on leading well in modern times, she is obsessed with one question above all others: ‘What does good look like?’. Paige suggests that answering this question is critical to meeting the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

If you’re looking for a speaker to create an exceptional experience, look no further.

Dr Paige Williams clients
Dr Paige Williams clients

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