Character strengths and wellbeing in adolescence

The structure of character strengths among adolescents and their relationship with wellbeing have received little systematic attention.

This study examined the dimensions underlying the Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths defined by Peterson and Seligman (2004) and assessed their associations with measures of subjective wellbeing.

High school students (N = 501, aged 15–18) completed a series of questionnaires online, including a widely used strength measure the VIA-Child (also referred to in the literature as the VIA-Youth, Park & Peterson, 2005).

Five strength factors – Temperance, Vitality, Curiosity, Interpersonal Strengths, and Transcendence – were obtained, and Temperance, Vitality, and Transcendence were independently associated with wellbeing and happiness.

Implications for the study of character in adolescence, including gender differences and measurement issues, are discussed.

Read the full journal article here

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