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Dialling Down Negativity Bias | dr Paige

Dialling Down Negativity Bias

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can help people recognise ‘triggers’ in their lives, tune into the unhelpful stories that they tell themselves in times of stress and then challenge them by creating alternative stories that support a change in feelings and behaviours

This resource explains the 4 steps to implement CBT resilience skills quickly in your daily life – to disrupt your unhelpful stories that lead to painful emotions and unhelpful behaviours, and clarify and reinforce more helpful and healthy ways of thinking.

The Learning Forward Loop

Based on Kolb’s reflective learning cycle the Learning Forward Loop comprises four stages: Act, Assess, Apply, Adjust.

In order to build our capacities to take action – even when it feels hard – the Learning Forward Loop must be repeated over and over to wire our neural pathways towards mastery. 

AntiFragile Leadership in the Decade of Disruption

The start of this decade has seen unprecedented levels of disruption across the globe.

As leaders, we need to learn to thrive through the challenges and lean into the opportunities of the post COVID-19 world. We have become Fragile. We need to become AntiFragile.

The Accountability Reset

The Accountability Reset

Accountability is the foundation for purposeful progress and high performance, both of which are critical for business continuance and growth in the COVID impacted world of work. This is The Accountability Reset.

I’ve developed The Accountability Reset Toolkit to help leaders, teams and organisations take evidence-based actions and step up to the great opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

Becoming AntiFragile

The AntiFragile Survey

Discover how to thrive through disruption, challenge and change. Take this free survey and within 10 minutes you can download a comprehensive report packed with tips and questions to help guide your Becoming AntiFragile journey

To find out what’s included in The AntiFragile Survey download a sample by clicking the button below.

AntiFragile Survey

The AntiFragile Survey – Team Debrief Guide

This Team Debrief Guide has been created to help leaders and teams gain a deeper and shared understand of how they can support each other to become more AntiFragile. The debrief sessions are designed to be quick, insightful and actionable.

Becoming AntiFragile Book Excerpt

Read an excerpt of Paige’s book, Becoming AntiFragile: Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change.

Changing Change

Changing the way we do change

We need effective ways to create positive change now more than ever.

This free downloadable resource provides an overview of how leaders can effect change from the Inside-out AND Outside-in and the benefit of this framework for organisations.

Use Questions to Ignite Lasting Change

Are you asking the right questions?

Questions are a powerful strategic tool for leaders to generate change.

This free downloadable resource is a list of questions to help you, as a leader, be intentionally appreciative and focus on what is working well. They can be used with individuals, teams, across the organisation or to review projects, events or initiatives to create new conversations and generate learning for positive change.

Tips for Boosting Your Energy

5 ways to boost your energy

We have an energy crisis on our hands.

Energy is the leverage point in the time-effort-energy equation. We can’t create more time, and effort is dependent to a great extent on the energy we have available – so it makes sense that we focus our efforts on creating multiple, abundant, renewable sources of energy to draw from. But that’s not what we’re doing.

This free downloadable resource contains my top tips for leaders to cultivate energy.

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