What’s it like working with Paige?

What’s it like working with Paige?

“Paige worked with the GMHBA executive team on resetting accountability building on work that had already been completed defining a set of functional and behavioural accountabilities for each executive and myself. Paige gave us a framework for thinking through the meaning of accountability, focusing on how we individually accept and enact accountability and especially how we may coach others to do the same.

The framework is logical and practical. The workshop is engaging and I especially enjoyed the energy, humour and self-reflection that Paige brought to the discussions.

Since then, Paige has taken the entire management team through the same experience.  I have heard from many participants about how much they enjoyed the session and how they have already began to apply what they have learned.   I personally have used the framework quite explicit in a one on one discussion with each of my executives and can say that the conversation in every case was productive and generated a new insight which is a great outcome given the length of the relationship with each executive.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paige to any CEO looking to work on shaping accountability that goes well beyond gaining clarity of the ‘what’ and wishes to deeply explore and see action on the ‘why’ and ‘how’.”

Mark Valena


“Paige was an ideal presenter for our recent client end of year function, themed leadership. Her presentation style was natural and engaging, with personal real-life examples that left my audience feeling connected and inspired. If you want a speaker that will motivate your audience to reflect, analyze and make positive changes to their behaviors, then I could not more highly recommend Paige.

We also used Paige for a corporate breakfast which was attended by over 300 business owners and their staff again Paige’s presentation was perfectly pitched at CEOs, business owners and enhancing their leadership qualities. I personally derived a great degree of benefit from this presentation especially with regards to my own performance and well being.”

David Ramsay

CEO, Income Solutions

“Specsavers Store Partners are a diverse group of learners that include technical specialists in our Optometry Partners and our people-oriented Retail Partners. The award winning ‘Spotlight Engage’ program that Paige designed, developed and delivered met Partners ‘where they were’ in an engaging and relevant way.

Research was translated into easily understood ideas and made practical through activities, discussion and take away actions for ongoing use. Feedback from Partners was excellent, and we have seen an increase engagement, resilience and wellbeing in those that attended.”

Danny Ginsberg

Director Partner Engagement, Specsavers

“With a brief to help us develop an accountability mindset and culture, Paige designed a foundational program for GMHBA’s executive and senior leaders that addressed accountability at multiple levels from the individual through to collective accountability across the organisation. She gave us the practical skills and tools to build accountability into our team dynamics and have the right conversations. As a presenter, Paige is dynamic and engaging. Her deep knowledge of the subject matter shines through in each interaction. Her sessions were the most highly regarded in our leadership program. I could not recommend Paige more highly.”

Mary Dougherty

Chief of Staff, GMHBA

“Paige was so engaging!

One of the things that I loved about her presentation was she took us on a journey about really understanding what makes good leadership and what creates great cultures as a result of thriving leaders. And I really love the ability to be able to have conversations at our table, and really bring this content to life. Paige is a really engaging presenter, and very, very knowledgeable, clearly, about her subject matter expertise.

I would recommend Paige to others who are interested in understanding what the role of culture and leadership is, and how to create the thriving workplaces, so everybody can be their best. She’s an absolute master of knowing the knowledge, but also, the application of that knowledge. And I think that that combination of the two is really fantastic for people leaders, in all industries, to be able to be hearing about.”

Margo Lydon

CEO, Superfriend

“Paige was outstanding. She helped our leaders understand how to build strategic resilience for themselves and their teams at a time when they were feeling fatigued with the ongoing disruption and uncertainty. Our leaders found Paige informative and refreshing and they came away with ideas and tools they could immediately apply.”

Tim Horman

Manager Learning and Development, People, Culture & Legal, CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy

“At Swisse Wellness we have worked with Paige across many areas – facilitation, executive coaching, leadership development, keynotes and appreciative enquiry. Paige is a fantastic fit for our team – she brings with her deep knowledge, a strategic mindset and a positive and engaging communication. We’ve really enjoyed the energy and approach she has brought to every interaction and would highly recommend her as an impactful partner in for people development and organisational capability building.”

Jasmine Smith

Director, People and Culture, Swisse Wellness

“The Committee for Geelong (CfG) has been fortunate enough to work with Paige for over 10 years in a variety of ways. Paige has been involved in the strategic development and direction of the CfG’sLeadership Portfolio, she provides mentoring and executive coaching and delivers various leadership programs within the Portfolio.

Paige’s presentation style is engaging, professional and unique in the sense that she can expertly and seamlessly adapt to the needs of the group. Her knowledge of the content she delivers is so deep and profound that any rabbit warren that participants want to go down, Paige handles with ease.”

Janelle Meyes

Leadership Portfolio Manager, Committee for Geelong

“Dr. Paige, she’s fantastic. I think we all learned something today either as an individual or the leader of the organisation. She provided some diamonds, and I love her reference to the AntiFragile. I think that we can all resonate with that. We’ve taken a lot away, and I also think at WorkCover, we do a lot of those things, but we could certainly do better.

Listening to our people, believing what we do, change matters, if you bring people along on the journey. So most definitely repeating, because she used that a few times, as well, repeat, repeat, repeat.”

Christine Carras

Chief Customer Officer, WorkCover Queensland

“Paige coaches, guides and gives you room to understand. She had a broad range of learning tools to engage us and exceptional skills in recognising where each individual in the group was at on their learning journey.  

Working with Paige improved our teamwork and helped our business leaders understand what to concentrate on with their teams to improve overall business success. Personally, seeing Paige in action has made me a more effective coach and I’ve gained a much more objective view of stress, which has helped my performance enormously.”

Henny Jaakkola

Senior Training Manager, Specsavers New Zealand

“Feedback from our staff about the work Paige does is always positive; she is engaging, funny and translates complex ideas into language that everyone can understand.”

Mara MacDonald

Learning and Development Manager, Adroit Insurance and Risk