The Cultivate Podcast: Paige interview Cynthia

In this episode, Dr Paige Williams interviews The Cultivate Podcast founder Cynthia Mahoney about her Six Keys to Being a Cultivating Leader model outlined in her book and why these keys are vital for leaders to master in the current environment of disruption and change where leaders are under more pressure than ever. Cynthia explains why her theory of “Cultivate” is the antidote to overwhelm, stress and burnout in the workplace. Paige and Cynthia’s conversation also includes findings from Paige’s latest research project, The Leaders Lab Workplace Report 2022 – The Psychological State of Australian Workplaces. We also dig further into the amendments to the OH&S legislation around the psycho-safety responsibility of leaders and why Emotional Intelligence is a key capability that leaders can draw on to navigate their way through this major change.


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