The Leadership Project: AntiFragile Leadership

In the face of ongoing uncertainty, what lies beyond resilience?

Pressure and crises cause fragile leaders to crumble. When under pressure, resilient leaders may bend and recover. However, in the face of difficulty, stress, and uncertainty, antifragile leaders become more powerful and productive. 

In this podcast episode with Mick Spiers, Dr. Paige Williams talks about her book ‘Becoming Antifragile’. 

The continuum of fragility, resilience, and antifragility is discussed wherein antifragility is superior to its predecessor and antithesis. While resilient systems, methods, or people can withstand significantly more stress than their fragile counterparts, if something is antifragile, it is beyond the ability to bounce back.  Antifragile leadership gets stronger as it accepts its interconnectedness, frailty, and blunders while remaining loyal to one’s values and owning limitations or imperfections. As a result, the major source of confidence shifts to an unbending form. 

Listen to – The Leadership Project with Mick Spiers: Antifragile Leadership

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