Use Your Bias for Good

How we can use negative bias to our advantage.

Use Your Bias for Good

How we can use negative bias to our advantage.

Psychology tells us that we are biased to notice and remember the negative more than the positive, so how can we use this to our advantage?

Perhaps what ‘not good’ looks like is just as important…



I’ve shared before how important I believe it is to ask and answer What does good look like?  

It’s important for us to lead ourselves well, for us to lead our teams, our organizations and our communities, because it helps us focus on What does good look like in this moment, in this conversation, in this meeting, in this program, in this family 

Today though, I’m going to challenge that. We’re going to flip the coin over and explore why opposite of that question is just as important  – what does not good look like? 

What does not good look like helps us understand who we don’t want to be, what is not a priority. It can help us consider what we need to put down, which is just as important as what we might need to pick up. 

It called using the via negativa which is Latin meaning ‘the negative way’ –  the Road of No. We know that what we say ‘no’ to it’s just as important – perhaps more so – as what we say yes to.   

What we say no to clears the energy,  gives us clarity and creates possibility and the space to say yes to other things.  

So my invitation for you today is to ponder what does not good look like? What do you choose to put down because it no longer serves you? It’s no longer relevant? What do you choose not to do because it doesn’t have to be a priority right now? Who do you choose not to be because it’s simply not who you want to be? 

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