What does good look like?

What does good look like? | Dr Paige Williams

We are told to be good from a very early age.
What does ‘good’ mean? What does it look like?

Does it mean being seen and not heard?

Does it mean liking pink if you’re a girl and blue if you’re a boy?

Does it mean even labelling yourself in the way that traditional gender asks us to?

What good looks like is such an important question for each of us to consider as we orient ourselves in this world and shape a life that is meaningful, joyful and aligned with who we are.

What does good look like in this moment… this month… this meeting… this marriage… 

What does good look like for me … as a parent… a mentor… a leader … a partner

What does good look like for us? … as a team… a family… an organisation… a community… 

This book explores how what good looks like may not be what or where we think it is and invites you to consider what it means for you. 



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Dr Paige Williams clients

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