What does ‘good’ look like?

What does ‘good’ look like right now?
…in your work..?
…your relationships..?
…your health and energy..?
…your goals, your hopes and dreams..?

What does good look like for you…?

It’s powerful to ponder because questions are fateful – we move and grow in the direction of the questions we ask.

So it’s not just what does good look like, what does it sound like, smell like, taste like?
What does good feel like for you..?

Without exception, every action we take is preceded by a question. And yet most of them are unconscious to us. Just think about your day today…
Set an alarm or not…? Hit snooze or get up? Toilet or teeth? Toast or cereal?

And the unconscious nature of our questions presents further challenges when our natural negativity bias runs wild, urging us to ask:
What’s wrong?
What’s missing?
And what needs fixing?

While these deficit-focused questions may help to identify the problems we’re facing, they rarely generate the energy, commitment and momentum we need to get to where we want (and need) to go next.

The uncomfortable truth is, we learn little about excellence by studying failures (Kirschenbaum, 1982).

So we need to be mindful of the questions we ask and choose those that invite us to see the good, the true and the possible; questions that help us uncover our strengths, get clear about our hopes, and find the willingness and motivation to take ownership of the changes we want to create.

Despite this, we live in a world that demands answers and we rarely pause to consider … answers to what questions?

This is a bigger idea though. The idea of what does a good life look like talks to societal structures and values. It speaks to our sense of community and belonging, our personal relationships and goals – where we find joy, and love, meaning and purpose. How well we know ourselves and how we connect with others.

Which is why this year I’m going on a deep inquiry into ‘What does good look like?’ when it comes to life and leadering.

I’ll share with you what I discover on my journey and invite you to go on one of your own.

Until next time…

P.S. The Leader’s Surgery opens at 11.30 am on Friday 3rd March AEDT where you can join me to hear the latest developments in the Psychosocial Safety legislation and ‘what good looks like’ for leaders in meeting their responsibilities and lifting their teams towards high performance. 

Register here to let me know you’re coming along and any questions you would like us to cover.


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